Saturday, February 28, 2009

How to Get Out of This Mess Cheaply

Recently I have taken to telling friends that the most efficient way to get us out of the economic mess would be to spend several million dollars and use it to send all of the high government officials - in the White House, the Fed, the Congress, the Treasury, wherever they are lurking - on vacation for 18 months in some tropical paradise. There they could try doing something radical - namely, nothing - for a little while, and in the mean time buyers and sellers could sort out the mess, liquidating some businesses and rewarding others. Recognizing that these folks are used to living high off the taxpayer hog, we wouldn't want to stint on accommodation, food, etc. But really, it couldn't cost much more than $50 million, and it would be well worth that just to avoid all the sanctimony and ignorance to which we are about to be subjected, let alone all the horribly expensive mistakes now in the proces of being made.

But it turns out Iowahawk imagines an even cheaper option.



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